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“Live in the present moment” Affirmation Cards

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These beautiful watercolour affirmation cards are perfect for all ages. Read one in the morning to help give you that positive boost and start the day off well, or in the afternoon or evening to help you reconnect to the present moment.They are even great to use as little notes to remind your loved ones just how great they are.

Cut them out and laminate them to use over and over again.  

Included: 30 meticulously designed cards.

Printable Sheets: 8.5" X 11"

Cards: each cars is 3.5"x2.5"(H9cm x W 6.3cm) WHEN CUT.

© ALL DESIGNS are copyrighted and property of MoonlightTusker. You could face legal action if you reproduce or resell this design. By purchasing this artwork you do not acquire any copyright. Reproduction rights do not transfer with sale. Any form of duplication, distribution or reselling for commercial purposes is prohibited. This item is for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.

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